Alexander Nied

Chicago-based Software Engineer with a focus on front end web development

Current Position: Senior Software Engineer at SPR

Primary Dev Environment: SublimeText on MacOS/Ubuntu

Top 10% Stack Overflow User

About Me

Hi, I'm Alex. I've been a professional full-time developer since 2012. I consider myself fortunate to have landed in a career that is engaging and challenging.

My specialty is front end web technology. I am an expert in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am passionate about semantic and standards-based development, progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, writing maintainable code and optimizing the end-user experience.

I believe that we should leave no user behind, and avoid making assumptions that all our users have fast connections, or can see the content on the screen, or have two functioning hands with which to interact with their device.

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Latest Blog Posts

Accessibility Series

An ongoing exploration of web accessibility for front end developers:




2019 Goals

  • Redesign Website task complete
  • Continue Accessibility Blog Series
  • Start Algorithms & Data Structures Blog Series
  • Fullstack Examples


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